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SUPERSONIC MAN (1979) Superhero Fun from J Piquer Simon
SUPERSONIC MAN (1979) Superhero Fun from J Piquer Simon

He Can Fly... Bullets Can't Hurt Him... It's Supersonic Man!


director: J. Piquer Simon
starring: Antonio Cantafora (as Michael Coby) · Cameron Mitchell · Diana Pollakow · Jose Luis Ayestaran


An alien known as "Supersonic Man" (called Kronos on his home planet) is sent to Earth on a mission to alter the fate of mankind. His goal is to thwart schemes of evil creatures who plot to destroy the galaxy with their weapons from a distant solar system. Supersonic Man has a human identity of Paul who - like Clark Kent - is a reporter. Paul can transform into Supersonic by activating a convenient watch device. Meanwhile, a mad scientist named Dr Gulik (Cameron Mitchell) has his own evil agenda... he wants to rule the planet and abduct Patricia, the daughter of eminent researcher. She's also Supersonic's girlfriend.

A surprisingly fun excursion into the realm of superheroes from director J. Piquer Simon, the filmmaker who also made the legendary horror movie PIECES a couple years later. Mr Juan Piquer Simon (known Internationally as J P Simon) died from lung cancer in January 2011. He was 75 years old.



A Spanish/Italian Film in English language; fullscreen format (4:3), uncut 88 minutes, DVD encoded for
ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include theatrical trailers.


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