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Angel Guts: My Dolly Girlfriend (2013) Takashi Ishii directs!
Angel Guts: My Dolly Girlfriend (2013) Takashi Ishii directs!

Fully Uncut - No fogging or censorship- from Takashi Ishii
based on Ishii's controversial manga TENSHI NO HARAWATA 2013 (Angel Guts 2013)

Original Japanese Title: FIGYUA NA ANATA [Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend]
also known as LOVE ME TENDER and NEW ANGEL GUTS 2013

director: Takashi Ishii
starring: Kokone Sasaki Tasuku Emoto Mitsuo Dan Yuki Mamiya Yozaburo Ito Naoto Takenaka

A young publishing editor named Kentaro is blamed for the disastrous failure of a recent book and gets fired because of it. Feeling sorry for himself, Kentaro goes to a strip club where he drunkenly insults a bull-dyke gangster and her girlfriend. Kentaro escapes into a strange building where he stumbles upon some cocaine-dealing Yakuza thugs and their necromantic boss. He also discovers a pile of mannequins that includes a 'living' one... sexy Kokone who saves him from certain death. After a blood bath with the gangsters, Kentaro takes the (sometimes) animated doll back to his place where he obsesses on her vagina, teaches her to use the toilet, rapes her, and becomes engulfed in a series of even more bizarre fantasies.

Initially, Takashi Ishii had a difficult time breaking into motion pictures. Like man of his contemporaries, he wanted to make movies because he loved movies. But Ishii didn't love the requirements necessary (which included years of college and film school). In 1972, he began drawing, putting together an adult manga, ANGEL GUTS which got published the following year. Nikkatsu Studios hired him to write a screenplay based on his book. The movie's success allowed him to write more entries in the series and Ishii was tapped him to direct the some. He continued to write screenplays (probably best known for his EVIL DEAD TRAP) but he soon became a sought after filmmaker. To date, he has delivered 40+ movies and has won numerous Best Picture awards. He found International success with his FLOWER AND SNAKE films and the GONIN series.

A Japanese film with English subtitles; widescreen format (16:9), uncut (112 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include theatrical trailer.

Strong sexual Themes/Female Nudity/
No Fogging or Censorship/Rape/Nercrophilia/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences

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