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147 DEVIL'S HONEY (1986) Lucio Fulci Erotic Thriller
147 DEVIL\'S HONEY (1986) Lucio Fulci Erotic Thriller

Lucio Fulci Explores the Turbulent World of Sado Relationships in this Erotic Thriller

Original Italian Title: IL MIELE DEL DIAVOLO (Honey of the Devil)

director: Lucio Fulci
starring: Brett Halsey Blanca Marsillach Corinne Clery Paola Marina Bernard Seray Eulalia Ramon

Jessica is madly in love with an eccentric sax player named Johnnie. Their relationship is exists in a realm of constant danger. After Johnnie has an accident on his motorcycle (completely his own fault), he is whisked away to the hospital where Dr Wendell Simpson performs an operation to save his life. However, the doctor - distracted by domestic problems of his own - isn't paying attention and makes a mistake which results in Johnnie's death. Understandably, Jessica is angry and wants revenge. She begins a barrage of taunting phone calls ["Why'd you let him die?"] followed by an abduction. She embarks on session after session of torture until finally informing Dr Wendell that she plans to take his life. After spending much S&M time together, a strange relationship begins to develop.

Lucio Fulci explored this same theme a year earlier in THE TRAP (he wrote that one, but didn't direct). It's fascinating to see how he twisted the narrative a bit and added a sheen of sleaze to create something new. In the early '70s, Fulci had been blacklisted after making films which were deemed improper by the Catholic Church. (e.g., BEATRICE CENCI, et al) Then, in 1979, he was offered an opportunity to make the sequel to DAWN OF THE DEAD called FLESH EATING ZOMBIES ("Zombie" in America). That film changed his life, taking him on a road to success which included a string of boxoffice hits which didn't necessarily mirror his commercial gore efforts. During this time, in his personal life, Lucio Fulci had been suffering with diabetes. On March 13 1996, he went to bed without taking his insulin. Some say this was suicide; others, an accident. But sadly, Mr Fulci was dead at age 68.

An Italian film with English subtitles; widescreen format (1:66), uncut (78 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include theatrical trailers

Nudity/Strong Sexual Themes/Violence/Rape/Sexual Brutality/Drugs:
Recommended for Mature Audiences Only

Sale Price: $17.50
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