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SKIN UNDER THE CLAWS (1975) (Pelle Sotto Gli Artigli) Gordon Mit
SKIN UNDER THE CLAWS (1975) (Pelle Sotto Gli Artigli) Gordon Mit

Gordon Mitchell stars in Rare, Gruesome Italian Thriller

original Italian title: LA PELLE SOTTO GLI ARTIGLI [Skin Under the Claws]

director: Alessandro Santini
starring: Gordon Mitchell Genevieve Audrey Tiono Boriani Ettore Ribotta Mirella Rossi

Sometimes - it's possible - for a movie to be even too bad for MST3K. These kind of horrendous films don't come along too often. And, as such, they are sought after by genre fans. Here is such a motion picture. An absolute train wreck on every conceivable level. Badly written, loaded with filler, poorly shot, gratuitous nudity and violence, zero budget, actors who ALL look like they'd rather be anywhere else, miserable dialogue, shoddy sets, etc (etc)

A series of gruesome knife-murders take place. In each case there are traces of decomposed flesh under the nail's of the victims nails. The police scoff at this clue. Meanwhile, a brilliant scientist named Helmut is performing brain transplant experiments on baboons. Could he be the killer? Hmmm.

Little is known about Alessandro Santini. Some sources suggest this is yet another pseudonym for Industry hack Demofilo Fidani (Miles Deem). That would make sense.

An Italian film with English subtitles; widescreen format 16:9, uncut version (76 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailers

Gore/Nudity/Adult Situations/Sexual Brutality/Violence
Intended for Mature Audiences

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