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217 WORKING GIRLS (1974) Elvira's only Nude Scene!
217 WORKING GIRLS (1974) Elvira\'s only Nude Scene!

Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson's debut film... contains her only nude footage

director: Stephanie Rothman
starring: Sarah Kennedy Laurie Rose Lynne Guthrie Cassandra Peterson Solomon Sturges

Without a doubt, the main reason people try to find this motion picture is because it contains Elvira's only nude footage. Yes, Cassandra Peterson (famous for her role as the campy vampiress Elvira on TV and Film) co-stars here as a free-spirited stripper who teaches the other girls what it takes to make it in the big city.

But the real story involves three young women - Honey, Denise and Jill - trying to survive in Los Angeles. Honey struggles to find employment (including getting roped into a weird contract hit) until she gets an unusual job as the paid friend of an eccentric millionaire, Jill works as a waitress/stripper at a nightclub where she becomes the main squeeze of a Mafioso gunman, and struggling artist Denise makes makes ends meet by painting signs while attempting to make a name for herself.

Filmmaker Stephanie Rothman was the first woman inducted into the Director's Guild of America. She made numerous beach-party movies for American International studios before helming the remarkably good VELVET VAMPIRE. In the early Seventies, she and her husband (executive producer) Charles Swartz became partners in Roger Corman's Dimension/New World Pictures. This film was one of their first productions.

An American film, in English language; widescreen format (16:9),
uncut European version (81 minutes), extras include trailers.
DVD encoded for All Region NTSC World Format.

Sexual Themes/Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Drugs
for Mature Audiences

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