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LIKE IT IS (1968) (X) graphic Hippie Documentary
LIKE IT IS (1968) (X) graphic  Hippie Documentary

Perhaps the Most Psychedelic Movie Ever Made!


director: William Rotsler
starring: Candee Earle · Adele Rein · Michelle Angelo · Jancice Kelly · James Brand (narrator)


At face value, this appears to be a (shockingly explicit) documentary of the counter- culture in San Francisco, circa 1968. The film prowls its way shamelessly through the hippie subculture of music, drugs, sex and personal freedom. But is it real? One must respond with What kind of question is that?  Sure, without a doubt, some of the scenes are created for the camera. Yet, the entire film was MADE in the Sixties, within the very texture of that society, and - as such - IT IS REAL. The film offers rare glimpses of an era otherwise lost to time.

William Rotsler was a man of many talents... artist, cartoonist, writer, photographer, filmmaker. He was a 4-times winner of the SciFi Hugo Award, choice illustrator for Harlan Ellison and author of the novel "Vice Squad." . He often used pseudonyms (Shannon Carse, Barney Boone, Tony Haze, Clay McCord, W A Chrisfield, Bill Rotzler, et al) to camouflage his diverse interests. In the mid-Sixties, he became editor for Adam Film World, an Adult magazine that specialized in descriptions and photos for exotic films, both foreign and domestic. During that time, Mr Rotsler would run classified ads in his magazine for mail-order film loops (which he lensed) that promised to show "Naked Hippies At a Love-In," "Demonic Sex Cults" or "Nude LSD Trips." (etc). Eventually, many of those loop segments would be edited together to become the framework of this motion picture. Mr Rotsler died in October 1997 after complications from radiation therapy. He was 71 years old.



An American film in English language; fullscreen format, uncut version at 72 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include original theatrical trailers.


Sexual Situations/Female and Male Nudity/Drugs/S&M/Counter Culture Dogma
for Mature Audiences

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