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ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962) rare, terrific Peplum!
ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962) rare, terrific Peplum!

One of the Very Best of the Italian Peplums

Original Italian Title: SOLO CONTRO ROMA

director: Luciano Ricci (as Herbert Wise) and Riccardo Freda
starring: Lang Jeffries (as Jeffrey Lang) Rossana Podesta Philippe Leroy Gabriele Tinti

Roman soldiers invade a remote provincial town while enroute to a border war. A small garrison is left behind to secure the area. The townspeople aren't happy but they decide it would be best to cooperate. Tribune commander Silla proves to be a cruel and belligerent leader who confiscates a house and rapes the owner's daughter Fabiola. She reluctantly submits to Silla's unbridled lust to protect the life of her lover, Brenno, a man who's already become a target. He has been captured and hauled off to the arena where he will be forced to fight the Roman gladiators.

Long considered one of the best Peplums boasting a remarkable cast and taut direction. Luciano Ricci (using his Herbert Wise alias) helms the project with the help of his assistant "action" director Riccardo Freda (who was responsible for the stunning arena footage). Mr Ricci was virtually an unproved director with only a couple movies under his belt before getting stuck down in a fatal accident while vacationing in Samoa. He died in June 1973 at age 44.

An Italian film in English language with optional Greek subtitles; widescreen format, uncut version at 92 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.

Violence/Rape/Torture/Adult Situations

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