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CAT IN HEAT (Gatta in Calore) (1972) rare giallo
CAT IN HEAT (Gatta in Calore) (1972) rare giallo

A Psychedelic Counter-Culture Thriller from Nello Rossati

director: Nello Rossati
starring: Eva Czemerys Silvano Tranquilli Anthony Fontane Renato Pinciroli Ada Pometti

An unusual giallo - slightly off kilter from the standard Euro thriller fare - from director Nello Rossati. He was a filmmaker with an active 20 year Italian career between 1968-1988 (often using the Ted Archer alias), best known for his cockeyed Django sequel DJANGO STRIKES AGAIN in 1987. "The Cat in Heat" is an earlier 1972 production with a team of extraordinary behind-the-scenes technicians including Lamberto Bava as the assistant director and Aristide Massaccesi (Joe D'Amato) as the cinematographer.

A wealthy businessman comes home to a horrific sight. His handsome neighbor has been shot dead on the front lawn and his wife is sitting at the kitchen table staring down at a gun. She mutters: "I still love the man I killed" but remains despondent. After returning to the front yard and hiding the body, he then demands to know everything from his wife. Her story deals with hippies, a dose of LSD and the resulting descent into a sex-n-drug drenched orgy.

An Italian film in Italian language with English subtitles, fully uncut print, widescreen format (16:9), encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailers.

Violence/Drugs/Nudity/Adult Material
Intended for Mature Audiences Only

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