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DANGEROUS LOVE (1982) Karin Well Sex Scorcher
DANGEROUS LOVE (1982) Karin Well Sex Scorcher

Mario Siciliano's Unconventional Story of a Playboy and his Culmination


director: Mario Siciliano
starring: Karin Well · Paolo Gramignano · Mark Shanon · Guia Lauri Filzi · Sandy Samuel · Mara Bronzoni


Director Mario Siciliano is better known for his Spaghetti Westerns (TRINITY AND SARTANA) and Italian horror films (EVIL EYE). But none of them were particularly memorable. In the '80s. He dabbled in erotica - or perhaps more correctly, sexploitation - eventually turning to hardcore with a series of nondescript titles like ORGASMO NONSTOP (1985). Most of his sex films were signed as "Lee Castle." But this film (originally called PORNO LUI...EROTICA LEI [He's Porno...She's Erotic]) was a better-than-average softcore sex venture that starred Karin Well who had gained some notoriety from a starring role in BURIAL GROUND. Mr Siciliano died at age 62 in 1987.

Marina is fed up with her husband. While she's masterminding their successful oil business, he's running around, banging girls, lounging on the beach and blowing through bundles of cash. Eventually, the only thing Marina can do is cut off the money. Roberto retaliates by seducing a rich disabled woman but he soon manages to screw up that gravy train too. Later, Marina and the spurned rich lady (spoiler alert ahead!) force Roberto into a sex change operation to stop his womanizing.


An Italian film in English language; fullscreen format, uncut version (89 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailers

    Sexual Situations /Nudity/Drugs/Adult Material:
Intended for Mature Audiences Only

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