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Ghoul Sex Squad (1992) (XXX) Hardcore Chinese
Ghoul Sex Squad (1992) (XXX) Hardcore Chinese

The Original Uncut Chinese Hardcore (XXX) Cult Film
with English Subtitles


director: Mah Wu Tu
starring: Yuen Lui Clair Chan (the remainder of the cast is unknown)


One of the best - if not most notorious - hardcore (XXX) Chinese films from the Category III Golden Period. Movie critic Art Black chose this motion picture as one of his 10 Most Extreme Guilty Pleasures (in Asian Cult Cinema's 15th Anniversary Issue #57). He wrote: "If you always lamented the lack of hardcore pornography in the MR VAMPIRE series, here's the flick for you. There's not a lot of plot on offer, but plenty of hopping up-and-down and bouncing-in-and-out when a gaggle of zombies get loose from their keeper and meet some horny local ladies."

Preciously little is known about this film but there's virtually nothing else like it. Lots of hardcore, explicit sex action (XXX) plus a story of a zombie trader in feudal China taking his gang of creatures cross country for a seance. Enroute he loses control and the zombies invade a village where they sexually attack the womenfolk.


      A Chinese film; hardcore (XXX) explicit sexuality; fullscreen print, totally uncut Long Shong version (74 min.), in Cantonese Chinese language with burnt English subtitles, DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include theatrical trailers.


Hardcore (XXX) Sexuality/Male and Female Nudity/Rape/Violence:
For Mature Audiences Only

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