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RAPISTS of VIRGIN GIRLS (1983) Violentadores de Meninas Virgens
RAPISTS of VIRGIN GIRLS (1983) Violentadores de Meninas Virgens

For Those Who Want To Know 'What Is The Granite Rock Bottom?' of Extreme World Cult Cinema
This is The Most Reprehensible Motion Picture Ever Made!
Indulge at Your Own Risk


director: Francisco Cavalcanti
starring: Salvador Amaral · Francisco Cavalcanti · Suely Conti · Dalma Ribas · Henrique Guedes


Truly remarkable that this film exists at all. It is absolutely tasteless. And wrong on every possible level. It is recommended only for acquired tastes. Fans of Extreme Cinema will find it extraordinary and fascinating. All others will be very offended.

In São Paulo, crime boss Marcu instructs his gang to abduct virgin women. The kidnapped girls are then leased to wealthy old men who pay a fortune to deflower them. After the sex games, the girls are killed and their bodies get dumped in the backwoods. Then some more girls are abducted and the cycle starts again. The police have already found ten bodies, but they have no leads to the bad guys. Meanwhile, dry cleaner Pedro (played by director Cavalcanti) discovers a clue, but finds himself and his family in grave danger. The sexual mayhem spins out of control and bad taste reigns supreme until a machine gun battle cuts everybody down.


A Brazilian film; widescreen 16:9, totally uncut version (87 min.), in Portuguese language with English subtitles, DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include theatrical trailers.


Adult Material/Nudity/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality/Rape/Extreme Sexual Situations:
For Mature Audiences Only

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