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EVIL WEEKENDS OF COUNT ZAROFF (1974) (2 DVDs) Eng & French Uncut
EVIL WEEKENDS OF COUNT ZAROFF (1974) (2 DVDs) Eng & French Uncut

2 DVD Package containing both the Uncut English and French Versions
Les Weekends Malefiques Du Comte Zaroff [The Evil Weekends of Count Zaroff}

director: Michel Lemoine
starring: Michel Lemoine Howard Vernon Joelle Coeur Nathalie Zeiger

When this film was initially completed in France, it was refused release by the French Censors. Eventually, an edited (82-minute) English version surfaced in the Netherlands and Great Britain. Over the years, various edits (ranging from 62 to 84 minutes) have been released, under an array of titles (including "Seven Women for Satan," Seven Women for the Sadist"). But now the fully uncut (86 minute) version has finally become available in France, with both a French and English soundtrack, under the original title [Les Weekends Malefiques Du Comte Zaroff].

Count Boris Zaroff is the son of a notorious sadist who used to capture women and hunt them down on his country estate. Now, with his father dead, Count Boris - benefiting from the abundance of female hitchhikers - continues the tradition. Then, one weekend, two visitors arrive at his castle. The young woman is fascinated by the tales of Zaroff Sr. and she asks to see the famous torture chamber. Boris and his trusted (but mysterious) butler are happy to demonstrate.

A French film; widescreen, two discs [one in French and the other in English language]; totally uncut (86 min.) version in DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American DVD machine; extras include gallery and original trailers.

Graphic Violence/Adult Material/Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality/Whipping/Torture:
For Mature Audiences Only.

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