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VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY (1974) Uncut English Import
VAMPIRES\' NIGHT ORGY (1974) Uncut English Import

Uncut Version of a Classic European Vampire Story by Leon Klimovsky

director: Leon Klimovsky
starring: Jack Taylor Dyanik Zurakowska Jose Guardiola Charo Soriano Helga Line as the Countess

A wonderfully atmospheric Spanish production from that country's golden age of horror by one of the genre's top filmmakers, Leon Klimovsky (responsible for the lion's share of early Paul Naschy films, including WEREWOLF AND THE VAMPIRE WOMEN). As a side note: Leon Klimovsky was born in Argentina where he worked as a dentist for 15 years before relocating to Spain in 1951. He directed over 75 movies between 1957-1981, mostly in the Horror or Spaghetti Western genres. Mr Klimovsky died in 1996 at age 90.

The story finds a busload of tourists stranded in a small European village after their driver has a heartattack and dies at the wheel. Of course, what they don't know is that the town is completely inhabited by vampires. They discover the secret soon enough after the countess invites them to stay at her castle.

English language version of a Spanish film; widescreen, totally uncut version (85 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailer and gallery

Adult Material/Nudity/Violence:
For Mature Audiences

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