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DORIANA GRAY (1976) (XXX) Jess Franco's Hardcore Masterpiece
DORIANA GRAY (1976) (XXX) Jess Franco\'s Hardcore Masterpiece

The Fully Uncut Version of Jess Franco's Hardcore (XXX) Masterpiece


director: Jess Franco (Jesus Franco)
starring: Lina Romay Monica Swinn Ramon Ardid Martine Stedil Peggy Markoff Ronald Weiss


This film has been released worldwide in various edits under a collection of different titles (Die Marquise des Sade, Dirty Dracula, Ejaculations and - of course - the original, Doriana Gray). Here is the fully uncut version (79 minutes) which includes the notorious hardcore (XXX) scenes.

The rich Doriana Gray lives in a remote castle on the seashore. She is plagued with suicidal thoughts caused by the existence of her mental ill twin sister. Seemingly (Doriana has convinced herself) she is incapable of aging due to her sister's telepathically control. More likely - however - it's because Doriana is a vampire. An American female reporter visits the chateau to write an article on the mysterious Ms Gray. Instead she find herself lured into the labyrinth of extreme sexuality.


A German production; widescreen, totally uncut version (79 min.), in English or Greek language, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include theatrical trailer.


Graphic Hardcore (XXX) scenes/Male and Female Nudity/Violence/
Sexual Brutality/Lesbianism:
For Mature Audiences Only

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