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BEAST KILLS IN COLD BLOOD (1971) Fernando Di Leo/Klaus Kinski
BEAST KILLS IN COLD BLOOD (1971) Fernando Di Leo/Klaus Kinski

Pure Sexploitation in a Gothic Styled Chiller from Fernando Di Leo

director: Fernando Di Leo
starring: Klaus Kinski Rosalba Neri Margaret Lee Jane Garret Monica Strebel

Here's one of the sleaziest, nastiest slasher films ever made starring Klaus Kinski and two of Europe's most sizzling sex queens Rosalba Neri and Margaret Lee. An axe-weilding maniac stalks the beautiful, scantily-clad women of an upscale sanitarium, all under the watchful eye of the mysterious Dr Keller. Equal and excessive doses of slash and skin make for a very Euro-style grindhouse hit.

The original Italian title LA BESTIA UCCIDE A SANGUE FREDDO translates to THE BEAST KILLS IN COLD BLOOD. The American title is SLAUGHTER HOTEL. This bare-bones Greek DVD (no extras) is fully uncut at 95 minutes and widescreen.
Director Di Leo made only a handful of thrillers (also see MADNESS: VACATION FOR A MASSACRE); he is best known for his crime films like SHOOT FIRST, DIE LATER.

An Italian/Spanish co-production; widescreen, totally uncut version (95 min.), in English language, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine.

Adult Material/Nudity/Graphic Violence/Gore/Drugs/Sexual Situations:
For Mature Audiences

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