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Bruno Mattei's SCALPS (1987) One of the Best Spaghetti Westerns!
Bruno Mattei\'s SCALPS (1987) One of the Best Spaghetti Westerns!

"One of the Very Best Spaghetti Westerns... and the Most Graphically Violent"
                                                                                       --The Good, the Bad and the Violent (McFarland Book)


director: Bruno Mattei (as Werner Knox)
starring: Vassili Karis Mary Galan Charlie Bravo Beny Cardoso Albert Farley


The late Bruno Mattei was a legend in Euro exploitation, best known for his horror (ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING, et al) and sleaze JAIL: WOMEN'S HELL, SNUFF TRAP, etc). This 1987 production marked his flirtation with the Spaghetti Western genre. Unexpectedly, it's also one of his five best films. Bruno Mattei has never been so assured in his director's seat. Here are strong characters punctuated by the nihilistic landscape of the West.

Cowritten by popular cult actor Richard Harrison, this is the ugly, mean-spirited story of a lustful Confederate colonel who orders his soldiers to kidnap the Comanche chief's daughter for his purpose of bedding her. After the Calvary unit kills the chief and slaughters the tribe, the girl manages to escape. Wounded, she finds safety at the home of a rancher (who's wife had been killed by Indians)
. The action accelerates into a maddening swirl of excessive brutality.


An Italian/Spanish co-production; widescreen, totally uncut version (97 min.), in English language, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include various trailers.


Adult Material/Nudity/Gore/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality:
For Mature Audiences

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