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Fifty Remastered Martial Arts Movies
Fifty Remastered Martial Arts Movies

Fifty Remastered Martial Arts Films
on 12 Double Sided Discs

starring: Bruce Lee · Carter Wong · Sonny Chiba and many more


The package includes the following uncut motion pictures:
Big Fight
Black Fist
The Black Godfather
Bruce Lee the Invincible
Black Cobra
Black Cobra 2
Black Cobra 3
Brave Lion
Breakout From Oppression
Chase Step by Step
City Ninja
Day of the Panther
Deadly Duo
Death Force
Death Machines
Fighting Mad
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death
Four Robbers
Four Shaolin Challengers
Hands of Death
Heroes of Shaolin 1
Heroes of Shaolin 2
The Image of Bruce Lee
Jive Turkey

Kung Fu Arts
The Little Dragons
Ninja Champion
The Ninja Empire
Ninja Heat
Ninja the Protector
The Real Bruce Lee
The Shaolin Invincibles
Shadow Ninja
Sister Street Fighter
Snake Fist Dynamo
Master with Cracked Fingers
The Street Fighter
Weapons of Death
The Return of the Street Fighter
Black Fist
The Big Fight
The Brave Lion
Chase Step by Step
City Ninja
Four Shaolin Challengers
The Guy With the Secret Kung Fu
Infernal Street
Killer Wears White
Kung Fu Arts
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
Shaolin Deadly Kicks
Snake, Tiger and Crane
Spirits of Bruce Lee
The Master: Max
The Master: Out-of-Time Step
Ninja Death I
Ninja Death II
Ninja Death III
Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin
Heroes of the Wild
Long Goodbye
Deadly Duo
Tiger Love
Kung Fu Kids Break Away
Ninja Heat
The Impossible Kid
Shaolin Temple
TNT Jackson

A package of 50 Martial Arts Movies; original widescreen or fullscreen formats (1.33:1 or 16:9), DVDs encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American DVD machine; in English or Chinese Language with removable English subtitles.

Violence/Adult Material/Nudity:
For Mature Audiences

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