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director: Shigehiro Ozawa
starring: Sonny Chiba (Shinichi Chiba) · Sue Shiomi (Etsuko Shiomi)
Mitsuru Sato · Yutaka Nakajima · Tony Cetera

aka Sonny Chiba is THE STREET FIGHTER
For most Americans, this film was their first encounter with Sinichi (Sonny) Chiba. And what an encounter it was! Unlike the Hong Kong/Chinese martial arts films from the same period (i.e., Bruce Lee and Shaw Bros projects), STREETFIGHTER was ultraviolent. When Sonny Chiba got into a fight, somebody was going to get seriously hurt. In fact, this movie was so violent, so savage, so gory, that it was the first to receive an "X" rating for "non-sexual reasons" by the MPAA.  
Sonny Chiba is a nihilistic loner named Terry Surugi who makes money as a mercenary, by selling his fighting skills to the highest bidder. Terry isn't concerned with moralistic complications. If somebody pays him to break a murderer out of jail, then that's what he's going to do. In this film, Surugi is hired by a Yakuza boss to kidnap an old magnate's daughter. Then, after the job is finished, the gangster refuses to pay up so revenge is the only answer. The result is a bloody path of severed limbs, squashed eyeballs and ripped out vocal cords.

A Japanese film; special widescreen uncut version (92 min.) in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine; original US theatrical print in English language.

Violence/Adult Material/Gore : Viewer discretion is advised.


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