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(082) OUTLAW VIXENS [Cargaceiras Eroticas] (1974) Sonia Garcia
(082) OUTLAW VIXENS [Cargaceiras Eroticas] (1974) Sonia Garcia


original Brazilian/Portuguese titles AS CANGACEIROS EROTICAS (Erotic Bandits)
also known as EROTIC ADVENGERS and SATANAS DE BABYDOLLS (Satan's Babydolls)

director Roberto Mauro
starring Sonia Garcia · Helena Ramos · Matilde Mastrangi · Jofre Soares · Oasis Mimiti

World 'genre' cinema went through a dramatic change in the early '70s,
perhaps note notably in Japan with the advent of the 'Pink Film' and in Brazil with the 'Pornochanchada.'
These two brands of cinema [probably influenced by the burgeoning sexual freedom of Europe's exploitation films]
created a new category for mainstream entertainment, an unapologetic emphasis
on conflict between the sexes based on a country's cultural propensity.
Pornochanchadas from South America have a special feel to them, using a campy dark humor
as a method for presenting nudity that is very “Brazilian” [for lack of a better word].

If you are new to this genre, here is a perfect place to start


In a few words: Dél and her friends form a gang of female bandits in the wilderness of northern Brazil. More specifically... After their father is killed by Cornélio Sabiá's marauding gang of outlaws, young Dél and her sister Jasmine find shelter at Padre Lardo's secluded orphanage. As years pass, villainous Cornélio Sabiá takes over the region, imposing his own dictatorship. After ten years, Cornélio learns that Dél and Jasmine [the last of his sworn enemies from the Leăo family] are alive and well at the orphanage. He plans an attack. But when Cornélio doesn't find the two girls, he retaliates by murdering the priest and Sister Eustaquia. Then, Dél convinces her seven friends to form a gang of female bandits for countryside marauding, party crashing and, ultimately, vengeance against Cornélio Sabiá.

The breezy story takes itself seriously which is part of the fun. It also packs three nice surprises: Robert Mauro's cinematography is awesome, many steps above standard exploitation. The second surprise is the smartness of the script, an undercurrent campiness that would make Russ Meyer jealous. And the film's crowning jewel - arguably an expansion of the second point - is it's degree of absurdity-as-normal. For example, where did these outlaw vixens get their guns? their cars? their cameras? or their ice-cream desserts? [see pic below right] And why would Carméla, for example, suddenly decide to shamelessly convince her friends that she is the best stripper among them?



A Brazilian film in Portugues with optional English subtitles;
fully uncut 92 min, widescreen,
Extras include selected theatrical trailers


Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Rape/Violence
Intended for Mature Audiences

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