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White Crocodile Queen (1988) Suzzanna | H Tjut Djilil rarity
White Crocodile Queen (1988) Suzzanna | H Tjut Djilil rarity

original Indonesian title RATU BUAYA PUTIH [White Crocodile Queen]
also known as WHITE ALLIGATOR

director H. Tjut Djalil
starring Suzzanna Soendjoto Adibroto Vera Nagdalena H. I. M. Damsyik Rita Sheba Yulie Soleli

The film opens with a woman giving birth to a while crocodile, and then a few minutes later, to a human baby girl. Both infant creatures escape into the swamp. Mom and her husband are quickly (and surprisingly) murdered by an evil hunter bent on stealing a magical gemstone that wields controlling power over the crocodiles. Fast forward 20 years [through the credits] to the hunter and his family getting rich from the skins of the slaughtered reptiles. Meanwhile, the grown-up 'child' is now the crocodile queen and she rules over a bevy of nubile young women who decide to take revenge against the vicious hunter. This is a rudimentary overview of the story that - in H. Tjut Djalil fashion - must be seen to be believed.

Suzzanna (born Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch) initially came to Indonesia from the West Indies. Her exotic looks landed roles in numerous fantasy and horror films before she became that country's leading B-Queen. She is probably best known for the starring role in QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC and SNAKE QUEEN. Suzzanna died on her birthday [from diabetes] in October 2008 at age 66.

H. Tjut Djalil will be remembered for his amazing contribution to cult cinema [MYSTICS IN BALI, LADY TERMINATOR, DANGEROUS SEDUCTRESS, SATAN'S BED, DEMON SCANDAL, et al]. His movies are accurately described as outrageous cinematic rantings of a madman. Mr Djalil died from a heart attack in May 2014 at age 86.

An Indonesian production with English subtitles; Fully uncut 96 min, fullscreen,
Extras include H. Tjut Djalil theatrical trailers.

SemiNudity/Graphic Violence
This film is intended for Mature Audiences

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