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(121) 24 FRAMES OF TERROR (2008) Christian Gonzalez rarity
(121) 24 FRAMES OF TERROR (2008) Christian Gonzalez rarity

24 CUADROS DE TERROR (24 Frames of Terror)

director Christian Gonzalez
starring Rafael Amaya Raquel Bustos Anna Ciocchetti Pamela Trueba Gerardo Murguia

Mexican cult director Christian Gonzalez - in the style of Dario Argento - tells the story of a sadistic serial killer who films his beautiful victims as they cling to their last gasp of life. This Euro-esque thriller begins as a young female filmmaker named Sofia is mysteriously hired to "assemble, edit and enhance" a collection of film reels in the office of an old empty house. She is soon trapped inside that residence after discovering graphic 'snuff' images, murders performed by her employer [known in the Media as 'the Lady Killer']. His goal - the reason he hired Sofia - is to create the ultimate horror film with the graphic footage and achieve International recognition. Of course, to complete his plan, he must also kill Sofia after she completes her work. But she realizes her precarious position. So - in Sheherazade fashion - Sofia continues to stay alive by constantly tweaking and arranging the grisly footage, thus, increasing her value to him.

Director Christian Gonzalez was a significant part of the Mexican cinema subculture, making 93 movies between 1987-2017 [most falling into notorious obscurity, titles like Ansio Tus Labios De Rojo Fuego (Yearning For Your Red Fire Lips), Esclavas Del Sadismo (Sadism Slaves) and El Clon de Hitler (Clone of Hitler)]. Mr Gonzalez died at age 64 in December 2021 after a prolonged illness.

This film opened theatrically across Mexico in 2008 amid an array of positive critical reviews, often noting the Argento similarities ["the elegance of the cinematography, against a backdrop of primary colors, and characters of a fragile heroin against the tormented killer"]. But the graphic violence resulted in some surprising reactions among audiences. For example, Cinemex Itapulca reported: "the shock and gore caused the most epic walkout in the history of film projection here at the Cinemex: the room was left empty, so they turned off the projector, lights. Closed up."

A Mexican film with optional (ON/OFF) English subtitles; widescreen format,
(90 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any
American machine. Extras include selected trailers.

Grapic Violence/Gore/SemiNudity/Rape
Strong Sexual Situations/Drugs/Sexual Brutality
for Adult Audiences

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