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(163) MANSION OF THE 7 MUMMIES (1977) Blue Demon/Superzan
(163) MANSION OF THE 7 MUMMIES (1977) Blue Demon/Superzan


original Mexican/Spanish title LA MANSION DE LAS 7 MOMIAS

director: Rafael Lanuza
starring Blue Demon (
Alejandro Moreno) · Maria Cardinal · Superzan · Claudio Lanuza · Laura Fierro


After her father dies, Maria Cardinal discovers his death may have been connected to a pact with the devil which results in a curse on a massive treasure and marauding zombified mummies. She seeks help from her friends Blue Demon and Superzan to put an end to the supernatural madness.

This is a truly enjoyable luchador effort, bolstered by director Rafael (TRIUMPH OF CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE) Lanuza's decision to take his story seriously and totally ignore some of the tedious pitfalls in Mexican wrestler movies. For example, there isn't a cliché wrestling match anywhere, anytime. Instead, this one plays like a real horror film with a bunch of flesh-n-blood characters, including a strong heroine plus two heroes who happen to be wrestlers in their day job. There's a rather detailed storyline involving ancient curses and complex decisions facing Maria regarding the menacing curse. Plus, of course, some effective mummies wrecking havoc.

Blue Demon - born Alejandro Munoz Moreno - would partner with Santo, Mil Mascaras and Superzan for numerous films, beginning with SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS MONSTERS in 1970. He retired from motion pictures in 1979. Blue Demon died from a heart attack December 2000, at age 78.



A Mexican/Spanish film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles;
uncut 91 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.
Extras include original theatrical trailer.


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