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Ghost Nursing [Ghost Nurturing] (1982) Wilson Tong
Ghost Nursing [Ghost Nurturing] (1982) Wilson Tong

original Chinese/Hong Kong (Cantonese) title: YANG GUI [GHOST NURTURING]

director: Wilson Tong
starring: Norman Chu
Suit Li (Shirley Ying) Melvin Wong Lau Nga-Lei (Alice Lau)

Yes, it's great. But it's also terrible. Here's a film with total disregard for continuity and logic. Yet this is an endearing guilty pleasure that absolutely must be seen by all fans of Asian Cult Cinema. Wilson Tong's cinematography is surprisingly creative even though his filmmaking technique is not. Don't be fooled by the title. It has nothing to do with nurses [nor the medical field]. Rather, it's got more in common with films like THE SEEDING OF THE GHOST. [The Chinese title more accurately translates to 'Nurturing' instead of 'Nursing.']

Director Wilson Tong is probably better known for his supporting-actor roles and stunt work [appearing in 80+ movies since '69, everything from 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN to NAKED SOLDIER). He has helmed other films, usually under the pseudonym Tong Wai-sing. For this one, produced and co-written by leading actor Norman Chu, here is the story of a mysterious young woman named Jacky who escapes Hong Kong during a Triad scrimmage. She goes to Thailand to hide out with her sister. Her luck changes after a Black Magic session [and the adoption of a hungry demon]. But Jacky soon decides to ignore the 'blood nursing' instructions causing the demon to retaliate against her and boyfriend Raymond.

A Chinese/HK/Cantonese film, with optional English subtitles, 87 min, fullscreen,
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include trailers

Graphic Violence, Gore, Rape, SemiNudity, Drugs, Sexual Situations
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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