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(234) SEE YOU IN HELL, MY DARLNG (1999) Nikos Nikolaidis
(234) SEE YOU IN HELL, MY DARLNG (1999) Nikos Nikolaidis

Original Greek title THA SE DO STIN KOLASI, AGAPI MOU [See You In Hell, My Darling]

director: Nikos Nikolaidis
starring: Vicky Harris Valeria Hristodoulidou Paschalis Tsarouhas Nikos Kordinos

This film followed director Nikos Nikolaidis' legendary Xtreme horror movie SINGAPORE SLING, and many of the same concepts are obvious from the start. Upon its release, Nikos said: "This is the beginning of a new saga, more personal, on subjects like damned loves, friendship, traitorship and more." And like SLING, two women - Elsa [Vicky Harris] and Vera [Valeria Hristodoulidou], immersed in their madness - are centerstage. The surreal narrative deals with two women who may have killed a man [his body is floating in the swimming pool] and they are in possession of a mysterious suitcase that belonged to him. Seemingly, both Elsa and Vera loved the man [early in the film, Elsa muses "Killing is easy when you love someone,"]. As the narrative continues, the suitcase becomes less important and the two women concentrate more on brutalizing each other and making love. At one point, they dump the man's corpse in the sea. But he returns - with only smashed glasses as any evidence of murder - to meet Vera in the garden. Meanwhile, Elsa is killing herself. Or is she? A lot of people die, but nobody is dead. Or is is everybody dead and living in Hell?

Stylish and atmospheric [but take note: very erotic, violent and disturbing], the intense Nikolaidis cinematography is mesmerizing; however the best parts of this film are the Harris|Hristodulidou performances, the dialogue and the list of broken cinematic taboos. As mentioned previously, this movie followed SINGAPORE SLING, allowing Nikos to further many of the same ideas. Mr Nikolaidis died from pulmonary edema at age 67 in September 2007.

The star here, Vicky Harris, was originally from the United States, growing up in Woodstock New York. She went to Boston University on a 4-year writer's scholarship but left after her Sophomore year for Greece where she secured a role in a TV series called Tolmires Istories [Daring Stories] (1994-96). SEE YOU IN HELL was her first feature film for Nikos Nikolaidis. She would make others, including .com for Murder and Zero Years.

A Greek film, with English subtitles, 110 min, widescreen,
encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include original MAN BEHIND THE SUN trailers.

Nudity/Graphic Violence/Drugs/Sexual Brutality
Intended for Adult Audiences

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