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KUBOT Aswang Chronicles 2 (2015) Filipino Monster Action!
KUBOT Aswang Chronicles 2 (2015) Filipino Monster Action!

original Filipino title KUBOT: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES 2 *
* Aswangs are vicious, flesh-eating lycanthropes

director: Erik Matti
starring: Dingdong Dantes Isabelle Daza Joey Marquez K C Montero Lotlot De Leon Elizabeth Dropesa

This movie starts exactly where TIKTIK: ASWANG CHRONICLES ends [the first film is required viewing for anyone even mildly interested in Asian Cult Cinema; do not pass go, proceed there directly]. In a remote section of the Philippines, reluctant hero Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) and his family kill the leader of the Aswangs and much of his beast clan.

Part Two opens as the heroes attempt to escape Pulupandan county in a bus, but they're soon ambushed by a group of Kubot Aswangs. The attack results in annihilation, most everyone is slaughtered including Sonia and baby Maki. The only survivors are father-in-law Nestor and Makoy [who loses his right arm]. Now, jump ahead two years: Nestor and Makoy are living in Manila with his older sister, Nieves. Soon it becomes obvious that there's an Aswang problem in that metropolis. The new leader of the monster clan is Dominic, owner of a huge hot dog processing plant. He's packing his dogs with human meat, thus transforming 'borderline' humans into bloodthirsty Aswangs throughout the city. Makoy must accept unexpected assistance from young Doctor Alessandra Baldivia (Isabelle Daza) - a 'reformed' Aswang - to stop this deadly epidemic.

Dingdong Dantes is remarkably endearing as the brash action hero. He's very believable and charismatic. The same is true for Isabelle Daza, the classy yet icy-cold actress from numerous Filipino productions, who gives a totally out-of-character performance here [including her jaw-dropping monkey-dance scene]. Elizabeth Oropesa and K. C. Montero are remarkably good as the sinister Aswang villains. While the movie does have some faults (much of the 'corrupt cop' sequences are totally unnecessary and take away from the main focus), this is an important sequel and the winner of numerous Filipino 'Academy Awards' including best actress, best supporting actress, best musical score, best cinematography and best special effects.

A Filipino film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles, fully uncut 104 min,
widescreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine
Extras include original Filipino theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Drugs/Whipping/Sexual Brutality

Intended for Mature Audiences

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