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Hungry Monster [Pyaasa Haiwan] (2003) Kanti Shah Hindi Sleaze
Hungry Monster [Pyaasa Haiwan] (2003) Kanti Shah Hindi Sleaze

original Indian/Hindu title PYAASA HAIWAN [Hungry Monster]

director: Kanti Shah
starring: Vinod Tripathi Sapna Sappu Kanti Shah Randhir Singh

Even though he is India's top exploitation/cult director, the rest of the world may not be ready for Kanti Shah. His movies are among the most bizarre productions on the planet. Yet they are ABSOLUTELY not for everyone.

Vinod Tripathi plays at least 4 characters in this film, including a ferocious monster in [half] a bear suit. He is also a character named Ajit, cursed to become the aforementioned monster after getting caught raping the maid and then spying on his brother's lovemaking. The hairy monster haunts the house and wrecks havoc against anyone engaging in sexual behavior on the premises, which - of course - leads to more rape and murder. Lots of people challenge the monster. Some of them successfully kill it, but the monster always comes back stronger than ever. The film's structure is very similar to other Kanti Shah projects [Sapna Sappu in many revealing bare-dare outfits, Vinod Tripathi playing multiple roles, several nameless women engaged in uncontrollable sex without fully removing their clothes, endless bikini posing scenes, etc.] If you want to give this director a try, here is the best place to start because [at least] this film has a plot while earlier Shah productions do not.

This movie also gives the International audience a glimpse as to WHY Kanti Shah movies are so damn popular in India. While it's true that he is not the first director to make such a film [nor will he be the last], the reason Shah has become so famous is he brings underlying Indian sexual and male fantasies to the forefront. These movies are ultimately gritty and very sleazy. Men are often bare-chested and sweaty; women are either sexed-up or impossibly docile. But a sexual encounter is ultimately the common denominator. These types of characters are found in countless softcore sex books still selling in rural India today. Kanti Shah packaged those fantasies and brought them to the big screen (not unlike the early Russ Meyer projects in America).

A special note towards understanding and appreciating Shah's alien landscape: All the actors say [shout] their lines while facing the camera directly. Who knows why Shah uses this unusual technique. Perhaps he thinks it's the best way for his mostly inexperienced performers to emote. But very quickly you'll become agitated and uncomfortable by this style. Maybe that's Kanti Shah's goal, to somehow make everybody seem more human, despite the imposing artificial narrative.

An Indian/Hindi film with English subtitles, fully uncut 106 min,
widescreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine
Extras include theatrical trailers.

SemiNudity (No Full Nudity in Hindi films)/Sexual Brutality
Rape/Drugs/Strong Sexual Situations

Intended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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