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Twinkle Little Star (1983) Cherrie Cheung!
Twinkle Little Star (1983) Cherrie Cheung!

original Hong Kong/Chinese title XING JI DUN TAI
[Interstellar Odessey]

director: Cheung Kwok-Ming (as Alfred Cheung)
starring: Cherrie Cheung · James Yi Lui · David Lo · Alfred Cheung · Tin Nam Tam · Eric Berman


Here's a rare madcap comedy, stylistically similar to THE BIG DEAL. In that one, everybody was trying to get a glimpse of Yukari Oshima's inflating breasts; while, here, Cherrie Cheung's wardrobe malfunction causes a car pile-up and abduction from a flying saucer. The story deals with a buffet of ideas [some much better than others] from parodies of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Doctor Jekyll gags to cross-dressing/trans humor. There's a Cherry-Cheung-tied-to-the railroad-tracks sequence, bumbling cops and gangsters, a press conference [with a very animated Tsui Hark hamming it up for the camera], plenty of film reference shtick and sexual assault on a UFO. Plus some clever (but jarring) musical/dance numbers. Whew! This could easily be dismissed as a bad movie, but the problem is... it's a Shaw Brothers production so it looks great, the Special Effects are admirable [reportedly, director Cheung took two years perfecting them], some of the sequences are VERY funny [especially the Darth Vader frenzied ending] and Cherry Cheung is knockdown gorgeous.

James Yi Lui plays a second-rate private eye named Eden. His assistant is the gigantic, lumbering Columbo (Tam Tin-Nam). Their business has dwindled to a dead end, little more than a trickle of debt collecting jobs. Cherrie Cheung is Li Tien Zhen, a ditsy young virgin engaged to wealthy Mr Kwok (David Lo), until she is abducted by a UFO and emerges considerably less virtuous. Detective Eden decides to help her - and earn some fame and fortune - by exposing the aliens and their rape/probe agenda.



A Hong Kong/Chinese film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles, (92 minutes)
widescreen in DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include original theatrical trailer.


SemiNudity/Sexual Humor/Drugs/Rape/
For Mature Audience

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