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Satan's Slaves [Pengaboi Setan] (2017) Joko Anwar's Horror Hit
Satan\'s Slaves [Pengaboi Setan] (2017) Joko Anwar\'s Horror Hit


original Indonesian title PENGABOI SETAN[Servants of Satan]

director: Joko Anwar
voices: Tara Basro · Bronto Palarae · Dimas Aditya · Endy Arfian · Nasar Anuz · Muhammad Adhiyat


After Rini's mother dies from a mysterious illness, her ghost begins to appear throughout the house. Terrorizing the family, she lurks in the hallways and calls out to them at night. To protect her little brothers, Rini traces back the roots of the evil and discovers a horrifying truth. Their mother has made a deal with Satan, and her return has nothing to do with maternal instincts!

Joko Anwar’s wildly successful haunted house film has an interesting history. In 1982, Sisworo Gautama Putra made the original PENGABOI SETAN (Servants of Satan/Satan's Slaves) which was actually sort of a remake, an Islamic reworking of Don Cosacrelli’s Phantasm (1979). The Putra film inspired Joko Anwar to become a director in the first place so it makes sense that he might want to remake it. This decision paid off in spades for director Anwar as this movie became Southeast Asia's top grossing film of 2017 and finally introduced him to the International marketplace.



An Indonesian film with optional English subtitles; widescreen, uncut (106 min.)
in DVD format, encoded for REGION 1, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include theatrical trailer.


Violence/Gore/Paranormal Scares
not recommended for children

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