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PORNO: EXTREME MEASURES (1982) Manuel Esteba X rarity
PORNO: EXTREME MEASURES (1982) Manuel Esteba X rarity


original Spanish title PORNO: SITUACION LIMITE

["Situación Límite" is a colloquial Spanish term that best translates as an "unusual situation."
It is based on the philosophical writings of Karl Jasper, where it is described as:
"an unusual situation that cannot be solved by usual measures"]

director: Manuel Esteba
starring: Joaquín Blanco Emilio Gutierrez Caba Raquel Evans Carla Dey Joaquin Kremel


Whew! Can a movie be any sleazier?! The story deals with a Mafia organization that attempts to compromise a group of influential businessmen and politicians by capturing them [and thus, blackmailing them] at a seedy hotel during a series of sexual indescritions.

Despite the title (and rather explicit visuals), this is NOT a porno film. Rather, "Porno" is the name of the photographer who works for the mob. He is one of a group - along with other vicious brutes ranging from a killer heroin addict to a delussional ex-cop - recruited by the Mafia to storm the hotel. The whole thing is one exploitive sex shock after another plus tense action scenes and quite a few grizzly murders.

Manuel Esteba is a filmmaker who made his most important movies after the death of Emperor Franco. With the passing of that dictator, Spain relaxed its censorship laws and directors like Esteba flourished. He is probably best known for VICIOUS AND NUDE and SEXO SANGRIENTO. Some sources insist he also made hardcore movies [eg., ORGIA SADICA] under the name J. White (officially credited to Joaquín Blanco, an actor who plays Alegandro Gallego here). This is Esteba's most controversial, certainly his sleaziest, and one of his rarest movies. It would also be one of his last. Mr Esteba moved to TV work in the '90s, helming a long-running reality series called Un Jardinero en tu Casa (A Gardener in the House). He died at age 68 in February 2010.

Both actresses Raquel Evans and Carla Dey (aka Carmen Serret) also starred together in BACANELES ROMANAS.



A Spanish film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen, 86 minutes;
DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include original trailer


Excessive Nudity/Strong Sexual Themes/Graphic Violence/Drugs/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences

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