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MADAM DEATH (1969) Regina Torne | John Carradine | Mexican
MADAM DEATH (1969) Regina Torne | John Carradine | Mexican

original Mexican/Spanish title: LA SENORA MUERTE [Madam Death]

director: Jamie Salvador
starring: John Carradine · Regina Torne · Miguel Alvarez · Isela Vega · Elsa Cardenas · Victor Junco


Mad scientist Doctor Favel kidnaps and operates on young women as he teams up with an evil disfigured woman. He is using their blood to correct her disintegrating cells but - in reality - Dr Favel is more interested in using her to continue his 'Frankenstein' experiments.
This movie was one of a handful by John Carradine in Mexico, 1969 (he also made JEKYLL AND HYDE: DIABOLICAL PACT and LAS VAMPIRAS with wrestler Mil Mascaras). He would travel the world, appearing in one film after another (he often mused: "Why do I have a house if I'm never home"). He was in almost 400 movies between 1930-1995, dying of natural causes in Milan Italy at age 82, in 1988. His final films were the genre classics Gerard Kikoine's BURIED ALIVE, Lana Wood's DEMON RAGE and EVILS OF THE NIGHT.
  His costar is Regina Torne, a popular Mexican actress with 60 films to her credit. Just prior to making this movie, Regina starred in the trippy Hollywood LSD melodrama THE BIG CUBE.


A Mexican/Spanish film with English Subtitles; fullscreen format, (uncut 92 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT; extras include elected trailers.


Graphic Violence/Nudity/Sexual Situations/Drugs
Recommended For Mature Audiences

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