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Drifting Classroom (1987) Japanese fantasy Troy Donahue
Drifting Classroom (1987) Japanese fantasy Troy Donahue

Original Japanese title HYORYU KYOSHITSU [Drifting Classroom]

director: Nobuhiko 'Obi' Ohbayashi
starring: Yoshiko Mita Troy Donahue Yashufumi Hayashi Aiko Asano

Based on Kazuo Umezu's popular manga, here is the story of a Middle-School getting swallowed up in a 'time slip.' Many kids survive, but most teachers aren't so fortunate. American actor Troy Donahue plays Mr Taggart and he's one of the lucky ones, almost making it 'til the end. Once the devastation of the initial blast ends, the survivors find themselves in an alien wasteland that seems only occupied only by strange [cute] creatures with built-in water-spouts. But, unfortunately, there are also huge cockroaches that constantly attack and massacre the kids. The movie - like the plot itself - also exists in a cockeyed world that vacillates wildly between horror, fantasy and a weird surrealism [including musical dances, horrific sand/fire deaths, violent struggles with leadership, poignant anxieties over family bonding and some really bad acting]. This is a jarring cinematic experience that decidedly leaves an unforgettable impression. A one-of-a-kind movie.

A Japanese production with English subtitles [but mostly in English language]; widescreen ,
fully uncut (103 minutes) NTSC DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine. Extras include original theatrical trailer.

Violence/SemiNudity/Adult Themes
Suggested for Mature Audiences

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