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44 SPAGHETTI WESTERNS Anthony Steffen | Klaus Kinski
44 SPAGHETTI WESTERNS Anthony Steffen | Klaus Kinski

Here is a Film Collection of 44 Euro-made Westerns
featuring Lee Van Cleef, Richard Harrison, Jack Palance, Klaus Kinski and Many More.
Each film is complete and uncut

These movies are in ENGLISH language.
Some are available on video for the first time in this package.


(1968) (Odia il Prossimo) fullscreen
director: Fernando Baldi starring George Eastman · Clyde Gardne · Nicoletta Machiavelli
A man, looking to avenge his murdered family, finds a nightmare in Mexico.

#2 BEYOND THE LAW (1968) widescreen
aka THE GOOD DIE FIRST (Al di la della Legge)
director: E B Clutcher (Enzo Barboni) starring Leonard Mann · Woody Strode · Evelyn Stewart
A con man with a hidden agenda pretends to be the town's new sheriff.

#3 UNHOLY FOUR (1970) fullscreen
aka CHUCK MOLL (l'Uomo della Vendetta)
director: Fernando Baldi starring George Eastman · Clyde Gardne · Nicoletta Machiavelli
A man suffering from amnesia is tricked into killing his father.

#4 APACHE BLOOD (1975) [above center] Fullscreen
aka PURSUIT(She'e ee Clit Soak)
director: Vern Piehl starring: Ray Dalton · Dewitt Lee · Troy Nabors · Diane Taylor
An Indian chief takes revenge against white people after his village is destroyed.

#5 THEY CALL HIM CEMETERY (1968) fullscreen
aka BULLET FOR A STRANGER (Gli Fumavano le Colt...lo Chiamavano Camposanto)
director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo) starring Gianni Garko ·William Berger
A bounty hunter helps to pacifist ranchers bullied by a land-grabbing bully.

#6 THIS MAN CAN'T DIE (1968) [above right] Widescreen
aka LONG DAYS OF HATE (I Lunghi Giorni dell'Odio)
director: Gianfranco Baldanello starring: Guy Madison ·Lucienne Bridou · Rosalba Neri
A government agent goes after a rich town boss who massacred his family.

#7 MAN FROM NOWHERE (1965) fullscreen
aka ARIZONA COLT (Il Pistolero di Arizona)
director: Michele Lupo starring Giuliano Gemma · Fernando Sancho · Rosalba Neri
After breaking out of prison, a gunfighter tries to help a town fight a Mexican gang.

#8 FOUR RODE OUT (1969) (I Quattro sul Sentiero di Sparo) fullscreen
director: John Peyser starring Leslie Nielsen · Sue Lyon · Pernell Roberts
A falsely accused bank robber heads for Mexico with a lawman on his trail.


#9 DJANGO KILLS SOFTLY (1968) [above left] (Django Uccide Taciturno) Fullscreen
director: Max Hunter (Massimo Pupillo) starring: George Eastman · Edwin Ross · Lianna Orfei
Django finds himself torn between two gangs who want to control the territory.

#10 WHITE FANG AND THE HUNTER (1975) (Zanna Bianca e il Cacciatore Solitario)
director: Alfonso Brescia starring Robert Wood · Ignazio Spalla · Malisa Longo
A dog sled driver and a drunk join forces to protect a girl and her farm from an evil land baron.

#11 WHITE COMANCHE (1968) (Comanche Blanco) Fullscreen
director: Gilbert Lee Kay (Jose Briz) starring: William Shatner · Joseph Cotten · Rossana Yanni
A love triangle between two Indian brothers ignites a war in Rio Hondo.

#12 DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1967) [above left center] Fullscreen
aka AS MAN TO MAN (Da Uomo a Uomo)
director: Giulio Petroni starring: Lee Van Cleef · John Phillip Law · William Bogart · Mario Brega
A young man teams with a gunfighter to track down the men who killed his family.

#13 KID VENGEANCE (1967) Fullscreen
aka VENGEANCE (Vendetta)
director: Joe Manduke starring: Lee Van Cleef · Jim Brown · Leif Garrett · Glynnis O'Connor
A child with the aid of a black gunfighter avenges the rape and massacre of his family.

#14 SUNDANCE AND THE KID (1969) [above right center] Fullscreen
aka ALIVE OR PREFERABLY DEAD (Vivi...o Preferibilmente Morti)
director: Duccio Tessari starring: Giuliano Gemma · Nino Benvenuti · Sydne Rome · Julio Pena
Two estranged brothers will inherit uncle's fortune if they can live together for 6 months.

#15 THREE BULLETS FOR RINGO (1966) Fullscreen
aka THREE GRAVES FOR A WINCHESTER (Tre Colpi de Winchester per Ringo)
director: Ermino Salvi starring: Mickey Margitay · Gordon Mitchell · John Heston · Mike Moore
A man blinded in the Civil War returns home to find chaos caused by an unscrupulous banker.

#16 PRICE OF POWER (1969) Fullscreen
aka MURDER OF A PRESIDENT (Muerte de un Presidente)
director: Tonino Valerii starring: Giuliano Gemma · Fernando Rey · Van Johnson · Jose Suarez
President Garfield is assassinated during a parade in Dallas.

#17 MAN CALLED BLADE (1977) (Mannaja) [above right] Fullscreen
director: Sergio Martino starring: Maurizio Merli · John Steiner · Donald O'Brien · Sonja Jeannine
A bounty hunter accepts the job of tracking down the mayor's kidnapped daughter.

#18 FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE (1975) Fullscreen
aka FOUR GUNMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (I Quattro dell'Apocalisse)
director: Lucio Fulci starring: Fabio Testi · Tomas Milian · Michael J Pollard · Lynn Frederick
A group of petty criminals are hounded by a vicious Mexican bandit.


#19 THE GRAND DUEL (1972) [above left] Widescreen
aka BIG SHOWDOWN and STORM RIDER (Il Grande Duello)
director: Giancarlo Santi starring: Lee Van Cleef · Horst Frank · Peter O'Brien · Jess Hahn
A lawman protects a wrongly accused murderer from bounty hunters and vigilantes.

#20 MINNESOTA CLAY (1965) Fullscreen
director: Sergio Corbucci starring: Cameron Mitchell · Fernando Sancho · Alberto Cevenini
A gunfighting sheriff is determined to clean up quickly as he is slowly going blind.

#21 IF YOU MEET SARTANA...PRAY FOR DEATH (1968) Fullscreen
director: Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini) starring: Gianni Garko · Klaus Kinski · William Berger
In this first installment of the "Sartana" series, a gunman uncovers the truth behind a robbery.

#22 IT CAN BE DONE, AMIGO (1971) [above center] Fullscreen
aka THE BIG AND THE BAD (Si Puo Fare...Amigo)
director: Maurizio Lucidi starring: Bud Spencer · Jack Palance · Renato Cestie · Dany Saval
A gunman tracks down Big Man Casanova for seducing his sister.

#23 CHINA 9, LIBERTY 37 (1978) Fullscreen
aka CLAYTON AND CATHERINE (Amore, Piombo e Furore)
director: Monte Hellman starring: Fabio Testi · Warren Oates · Jenny Agutter · Sam Peckinpah
Some railroad men save a gunman from the gallows to do some dirty work for them.

#24 DJANGO VS SARTANA (1970) Fullscreen
director: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidano) starring: Fabio Testi · Hunt Powers · Dean Stratford
A new sheriff finds Black City is besieged by rival outlaw gangs.

#25 DEAD MEN DON'T MAKE SHADOWS (1970) [above right] Fullscreen
(Inginocchioti Straniero...i Cadaveri non Fanno Ombra)

director: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidano) starring: Chet Davis · Hunt Powers · Dennys Colt
A bounty hunter arrives in Lamazos to take revenge against the town-controlling mine owner.

#26 CHALLENGE TO WHITE FANG (1974) Fullscreen
aka RETURN OF WHITE FANG (Il Ritorno di Zanna Bianca)
director: Lucio Fulci starring: Franco Nero · Virna Lisi · John Steiner
The dog tries to stop villainous Beauty Smith from stealing a gold mine.

#27 DEAD FOR A DOLLAR (1968) Fullscreen
aka TRUSTING IS GOOD...SHOOTING IS BETTER (T'ammazzo, Raccomandati a Dio)
director: Osvaldo Civirani starring: George Hilton · John Ireland · Gordon Mitchell
Three men steal $200,000 from a bank but are tricked by a prostitute.


#28 SHANGHAI JOE (1973) 87 minutes [above right] Fullscreen
aka FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE (Il Mio Nome e Shanghai Joe)
director: Mario Caiano starring: Chen Lee · Klaus Kinski · Robert Hundar · Gordon Mitchell
A Chinese immigrant is torn between Buddhist ideals and lawlessness in America's West.

#29 BOOT HILL (1969) (La Collina degli Stivali) Fullscreen
director: Giuseppe Colizzi starring: Terence Hill · Bud Spencer · Woody Strode · Victor Buono
A loner and a traveling circus come to the aid of a town beset upon by a criminal gang.

#30 GREAT ADVENTURE (1973) Fullscreen
aka CALL OF THE WILD (Il Richiamo del Lupo)
director: Gianfranco Baldanello starring: Jack Palance · Joan Collins · Fred Romer
Loosely based on a Jack London story, a man finds love during the Alaskan Gold Rush.

#31 BETWEEN GOD, THE DEVIL AND A WINCHESTER (1968) [center] Widescreen
aka GOD WAS IN THE WEST TOO (C'era una Volta Dio)
director: Dario Silverstri starring: Gilbert Roland · Richard Harrison · Ennio Girolami
Two different groups search for gold it this Western version of "Treasure Island"

#32 BEN AND CHARLIE (1972) Fullscreen
aka AMIGO, STAY AWAY(Amico, Stammi Lontano Alemno un Palmo))
director: Michele Lupo starring: Giuliano Gemma · George Eastman · Marisa Mell · Villorio Congia
Two ex-buddies are mistaken for dangerous criminals in Desert City.

#33 ...AND GOD SAID TO CAIN (1970) (E Dio Disse a Caino) Fullscreen
director: Antonio Margheriti starring: Klaus Kinski · Peter Carsten · Cella Michelangeli
After getting release from prison, a man sets off for vengeance.

#34 JESSE AND LESTER (1972) Fullscreen
aka TWO BROTHERS IN TRINITY (Due Fratelli i un Posto Chiamato Trinita)
director: James London (Richard Harrison) starring: Richard Harrison · Donald O'Brien
Two brothers violently disagree over how to spend their inheritance.

#35 TRINITY AND SARTANA (1965) 91 minutes [above center right] Widescreen
aka THOSE DIRTY S.O.B.s (Trinita e Sartana: Figli Di...)
director: Mario Siciliano starring: Robert Widmark · Harry Baird · Beatrice Pella
Two banks robbers change their thieving ways and eventually become heroes.

#36 HIS NAME WAS KING (1971) (Lo Chiamavano King) Fullscreen
director: Don Reynolds (Renato Savino) starring: Richard Harrison · Klaus Kinski · Anne Puskin
A bounty hunter takes vengeance against gun-runners who murdered his brother and wife.


#37 JOHNNY YUMA (1966) [above left] Fullscreen
director: Romolo Guerrieri starring: Mark Damon · Rosalba Neri · Lawrence Dobkin
Johnny Yuma fights for his inheritance against an evil murderess.

#38 MANHUNT (1984) (Cane Arrabbiato) Fullscreen
director: Fabrizio DeAngelis starring: John Ethan Wayne · Bo Svenson · Henry Silva
A man escapes from prison to take revenge against the man who set him up.

#39 FIND A PLACE TO DIE (1968) [above center] Widescreen
(Joe, Cercati un Posto per Morire)
director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo) starring: Jeffrey Hunter · Pascale Petit
A down-on-his-luck gunfighter agrees to help a brother and sister protect their mine.

#40 STRANGER'S GUNDOWN (1969) Fullscreen
aka DJANDO THE BASTARD (Django il Bastardo)
director: Sergio Garrone starring: Anthony Steffen · Lu Kamenke · Paolo Gozlino · Rada Rassimov
Steely-eyed Django seeks vengeance against Confederate officers who betrayed him.

#41 FISTFUL OF LEAD (1972) [above middle] Fullscreen
aka I AM SARTANA, TRADE YOUR GUNS FOR A COFFIN (Vendi Pistole per Comprare Cofani)
director: Anthony Ascot starring: George Hilton · Charles Southwood · Erika Blanc · Rick Boyd
Sartana joins forces with Sabata to defeat a crooked banker and a Mexican bandit.

#42 DESERTER (1971) Fullscreen
director: Niksa Fulgosi starring: Bekim Fehmiu · Chuck Connors · Richard Crenna
An Army Captain deserts the cavalry after Apaches murder his wife.

#43 RUN MAN RUN (1968) [above right] Fullscreen
aka BIG GUNDOWN 2 (Corri, Uomo, Corri)
director: Sergio Sollima starring: Tomas Milian · Donald O'Brien · John Ireland · Linda Veras
An uneasy alliance is formed between two men to find missing gold.

#44 KEOMA (1976) Fullscreen
aka KEOMA THE AVENGER (Keoma il Vendicatore)
director: Enzo G Castellari starring: Franco Nero · Woody Strode · William Berger
A half-breed Civil War vet returns home to find it under the control of Confederate outlaws.

44 European-made Westerns on twelve double sided DVDs. English language. Uncut; Encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American machine.

Violence/Adult Material/Nudity
Recommended for Mature Audiences

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