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FAST, SAVED & THE DAMNED (10 Spaghetti Westerns) Anthony Steffen
FAST, SAVED & THE DAMNED (10 Spaghetti Westerns) Anthony Steffen

The Third Volume in the SPAGHETTI WESTERN BIBLE series
Click here for volume one TRINITY and volume two SARTANA


(1971) 84 minutes (Widescreen) [below left]
director: Ferdinando Baldi
starring: Tony Anthony · Ringo Starr · Lucretia Love · Ken Wood · Magda Konopka
A blind gunfighter is trying to recover his stolen merchandise, a wagonload of 50 women that he was escorting to a house of ill repute.

#2 SEVEN DOLLARS ON THE RED (1968) 95 minutes (Widescreen) [below middle]
director: Alberto Cardone
starring: Anthony Steffen · Elisa Montes · Fernando Sancho · Loredana Nusciak
A vengeful gunfighter catches up with the man who murdered his wife after fifteen years.

#3 MASSACRE TIME (aka Brute & the Beast) (1966) 90 min (Widescreen) [below right]
director: Lucio Fulci
starring: Franco Nero · George Hilton · John MacDouglas · Aysanoa Runachagua
Two brothers stand against a sadistic land baron and his bloodthirsty son.

#4 I CAME, I SAW, I SHOT (1968) 91 minutes (Widescreen) [below left]
director: Enzo G Castellari
starring: Antonio Sabato · John Saxon · Frank Wolff · Agata Flori · Leo Anchoriz
Three robbers try to steal back their $300,000 from a Mexican outlaw gang.

#5 BOUNTY HUNTER (aka The Ugly Ones) (1966) 90 min (Widescreen) [below middle]
director: Eugenio Martin
starring: Tomas Milian · Richard Wyler · Mario Brega · Ella Karin · Luis Barboo
A woman has to choose between a professional bounty hunter and an outlaw.

#6 BEAST (aka Rough Justice) (1966) 83 min (Fullscreen) [below right]
director: Mario Costa
starring: Klaus Kinski · Steven Tedd · Gabriella Giorgelli · Luisa Rivelli
A sex-crazed outlaw rapes and ravages his way across the West.


#7 APOCALYPSE JOE (1970) 91 minutes (Widescreen) [below left]
director: Leopoldo Savona
starring: Anthony Steffen · Eduardo Fajardo · Mary Paz Pondal · Stelio Candeli
A gunfighter, traveling the West disguised as a Shakespearean actor, discovers that
he has inherited a gold mine.

#8 PRICE OF POWER (1969) 107 minutes (Widescreen) [below middle]
director: Tonino Valerii
starring: Giuliano Gemma · Fernando Rey · Van Johnson · Jose Suarez · Maria Jesus
Historically cockeyed story finds President Garfield assassinated in the streets of Dallas.

#9 THEY CALL HIM CEMETERY (1971) 88 min (Widescreen) [below middle]
director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo)
starring: Gianni Garko · William Berger · Chris Chittel · Franco Ressel
A bounty hunter helps two pacifist ranchers bullied by land-grabbing outlaws.

#10 MINNESOTA CLAY (1964) 87 min (Widescreen) [below right]
director: Sergio Corbucci
starring: Cameron Mitchell · Fernando Sanchez · Alberto Cedvenini · Diana Martin
A gunfighting sheriff, slowly going blind, is determined to clean up his town.

Ten Italian-made films on three DVDs. English language. Fully uncut; Encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American machine.

Violence/Adult Material/Nudity
Recommended for Mature Audiences

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