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(867) TEENAGE PROSTITUTION RACKET (1975) Carlo Lizzani
(867) TEENAGE PROSTITUTION RACKET (1975) Carlo Lizzani

Carlo Lizzani's Controversial Docudrama

Original Italian Title: RACKET DELLA PROSTITUZIONE MINORILE [Teenage Prostitution Racket]
also known as STORIE DI VITA E MALAVITA [Stories of Good and Bad Lives]

director: Carlo Lizzani
starring Cinzia Mambretti Cristina Moranzoni Anna Rita Grapputo Anna Curti Daniela Grassini

Based on research by Marisa Rusconi (wife of scriptwriter Mino Giarda), teenage girls - for a variety of reasons - are attracted to prostitution. Once inside the racket, they can't leave. An attempt to run leads to beating, torture, mutilation and even death. In documentary style, this film portrays the experiences of multiple girls trapped by the Milan Gangster Racket.

Carlo Lizzani was a filmmaker who spent the first decade of his career making documentaries. In the mid '60s, he turned to Spaghetti Westerns (best known for THE HILLS RUN RED) and then, later, erotic melodramas like anti-establishment thriller KLEINHOFF HOTEL. Interestingly, in 1990 he returned to making documentaries exclusively, this time for television, until his death by suicide, October 2013, at age 91.

An Italian film in English language; fullscreen format, (96 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include selected theatrical trailers,

Semi Nudity/Violence/Strong Sexual Situations/Lesbianism/Drugs
For Adult Audiences

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