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(058) NOCTURNAL BEAST [Bestia Nocturna] (1988) Mexican Horror
(058) NOCTURNAL BEAST [Bestia Nocturna] (1988) Mexican Horror

original Mexican/Spanish title BESTIA NOCTURNA [Nocturnal Beast]
also known as NIGHT BEAST

dirctor Humberto Martinez Mijares
starring Raymundo Capetillo Laura Flores Eric Del Castilo Roberto Canedo

Here is a Mexican film that fell through the cracks into the saturated horror pit of the 1980s, failing to find any kind of a release in the United States. It is truly an oddity. Initially, here's an actioner about about a new crop of graduating cadets entering the Mexican Highway Patrol as they face reckless drivers, runaway trucks, drug cartels and... a supernatural monster slaughtering women at night. Yes, "supernatural." Not a human slasher. This is a sadistic killer disguised as a military soldier. But he is indestructible. A totally unexpected element in an otherwise traditional action flick.

As mentioned previously, director and screenwriter Humberto Martinez Mijares combines several genres here, something he had done previously with Fuga Indomable [Ruthless Escape], an episodic actioner about three orphans - a boy and two girls - on the run from a cruel foster home. But, also as mentioned before, Majares distinguishes himself this time by adding a resistant super-human killing madman to this standard police-procedural drama. The fusion is a bit disconcerting at first, adding to a unique out-of-sync viewing experience.

A Mexican/Spanish movie with optional ON/OFF English subtitles;
fullcreen format, (90 min.), in DVD format, encoded for NTSC ALL REGIONS,
playable on any American DVD machine. Extras include theatrical trailers.

Violence/Sexual Assault/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences

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