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287 DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (1974) Marisa Mell giallo
287 DEATH WILL HAVE YOUR EYES (1974) Marisa Mell giallo

An Obscure, Old-fashioned Thriller with Marisa Mell

Original European Title: INFAMIA [Infamy]
also known as LA MOGLIE GIOVANE [Young Bride] and SAVAGE CITY and TRIANGLE

director: Giovanni D'Eramo
starring: Marisa Mell Farley Granger Helga Line Luciano Pigozzi Francisco Rabal

This is an obscure - albeit old fashioned - Italian giallo that features Marisa Mell as Louisa, a young woman who drifts into prostitution to survive in Rome. A bit later she meets Armando, a doctor by trade (but something of a frustrated poet), whom she marries. Before long, this young bride falls out of love for Armando and begins an affair with another man. Murder ensues. She soon finds herself blackmailed - both for cash and sex - by her late husband's limo driver who knows too much about her bad behavior.

Marisa Mell was an A-List actress when she made this film. Yet, under Giovanni d'Eramo's direction, she plays the role with a certain Plain Jane abandonment. In her films, she would usually would flaunt her physic and adorn herself with catchy - even quirky - makeup (compare the Marisa Mell images on this page with the ones in Lucio Fulci's PERVERSION STORY from a couple years previous). She was born Marles Moitzi in Austria and was briefly married to Henry Tucci in the early '60s. Over the years, she's been romantically linked to Alain Delon, Warren Beatty, Robert Evans, Roman Polanski, Jess Franco and the Shah of Iran. She made 75+ films in the 30 years between 1960-90, but was dangerously addicted to cocaine, often resulting in legal problems. Miss Mell died from throat cancer at the early age of 53 in May 1992..

An Italian film with English subtitles, widescreen print (16:9); totally uncut version (87 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include trailers.

Violence/Sexual Themes/Nudity/Drugs/Rape/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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