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230 SECRETS (1971) controversial Jacquline Bisset scorcher
230 SECRETS (1971) controversial Jacquline Bisset scorcher

"Jacqueline Bisset As You've Never Seen Her Before..."

director: Philip Saville
starring: Jacqueline Bisset Per Oscarsson shirley Knight Robert Powell Tarka Kings Martin Thurley

This seldom seen British film contains the only nude scenes for Jacquline Bisset. The story deals with Jennifer, a housewife who has serious alienation problems with her husband, Allan. He is switching occupations - from acting to computer science - and is very stressed over the entrance test. While he's on an interview, she's strolling in the park feeling sorry for herself. Jennifer is approached by a (rich) man who says she reminds him of his dead wife. An affair soon develops; meanwhile husband Alan becomes sexually involved with the female interviewers. According to director/writer Saville, both the affairs only help to strengthen the marriage.

Filmmaker Philip Saville made a career of helming 50+ British television projects between 1952-2007. During that time, he made less than 5 theatrical films. This was his first. His most recent is the unlikely Visual Bible: Gospel of John (2004). Mr Saville was born October 1930 in London. After working behind the BBC scenes, he was tapped to direct many episodes of the long-running, critically acclaimed Armchair Theatre series through-out the Fifties.

A British Film in English language; fullscreen format (4:3), Fully uncut print (90 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailers.

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